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The York University Online Summer B 2024 session begins on 6/24/24! Apply here by 6/19/24.

Dual Enrollment Step-by-Step
Application Process

Our dual enrollment application and admission process is easy!

Below is an outlined list of the main steps to apply. Please reach out if you have any issues with the application process.





Application Registration

To complete your dual enrollment application process you must first complete the application registration:

  1. Use this link to start your registration: Application Registration
  2. Complete the registration form using this information:
    1. Legal First Name - use the prospective student's first name.
    2. Legal Last Name - use the prospective student's last name.
    3. Student's Email Address - enter an easily accessible email address.
    4. Current or Most Recent School
      • If the student attends a school, search for the name of the school
      • If the student is homeschooled, enter Homeschool and click on the dropdown option "Homeschool (, ; CEEB: C99999)".
      • If the school cannot be found, enter "Unknown School"
    5. I'm not a robot - click on the box next to this prompt.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. You will receive an account activation email in the email entered above. Complete the prompts in the email to finalize your registration.
Start your application:

After completing registration, you are ready to finish the application process:

  1. Log back into the application: Application Login. Use the same email entered during account creation.
  2. Click on "Start a New Application"
  3. To select the correct application, complete the following:
    1. Are you applying for a "seated" (on-campus) program or an "online" program? - select Online
    2. What student type will you be? - select 3. Online - Dual Enrollment
    3. Term - select the term the student will be attending.
  4. Click Start Application


Fill out the Dual Enrollment application:

After clicking Start Application, continue filling out your application:

Fill out the application with information regarding the student. If you need any clarification on the application questions, please see the explanations below. Please note: some questions are required, while others are not. Also, legal first and last names are prefilled based on the registration information.

Personal Information:

  1. Legal First Name - prefilled information.
  2. Preferred First Name - if the student has a preferred name, enter it here (optional).
  3. Middle Name - enter the student's middle name (optional).
  4. Legal Last Name - prefilled information.
  5. Date of Birth - Enter the student's date of birth.
  6. Gender - select the appropriate gender.
  7. Social Security Number - enter the student's SSN (needed to complete your account creation).
  8. Religious (Affiliation) - select the appropriate religious affiliation.
  9. Check if you are Hispanic or Latino - select if correct (optional).
  10. Select one or more of the following races - select the appropriate choice(s) (optional).
  11. Mailing Address - complete with home residence mailing address
  12. Primary Phone Number - enter a valid contact number.
  13. What is your US citizenship status? - select the appropriate choice.
  14. Citizen of Country - select the appropriate choice.

Personal Information:

  1. High School Name. Search by either the school name or location (City, State) - search for the school name. If the student is homeschooled, enter "Homeschool (, ; CEEB: C99999)"
  2. Enter your expected high school graduation year - Enter the student's expected high school graduation year

Once all required information is complete, select continue.

Confirm your application information

After clicking Review Application, you will be taken to a screen to review the student's application.

  1. Scroll through the information shown in the left panel.
  2. If all information is correct and the required fields are filled, the graph on the right should read 99% and the "SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION" button is available.
  3. When ready, click "SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION"
Digitally sign your application:

On this screen, you will be required to digitally verify and sign your application:

  1. Read the screen:
  2. Click the button below "I verify all is true and correct"
  3. Type the student's name on the Electronic Signature line.
  4. Click Verify & Submit

This concludes the Dual Enrollment application process.

If you are member of a school association, please reach out to your coordinator for the next steps. Please feel free to reach out to our York University Online team at or call 1-800-950-YORK(9675).

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