General Education Courses

Online General Education courses (GenEds) maximize your time without the expense and inconvenience of traveling to attend class in a traditional on-campus setting. Our GenEds have helped high school graduates to get a head start on their education and have allowed adult students the chance to take extra courses, complete graduation requirements or advance their education at a faster pace.

Online General Education Courses

ACC 213 Accounting Principles I
ACC 223 Accounting Principles II
ACC/MGM 333 Management of Information Systems
ART 263 Introduction to Graphic Design
BIB 113 History of the New Testament
BIB 123 History of the Old Testament
BIB 332 The Synoptic Gospels
BIB 432/433 The Gospel of John
BIB 472/473 Studies in Paul/Romans
BIO 154 College Biology
BIO 312 Medical Terminology
BUS 143 Computer Software Applications
BUS 313 Business Ethics
BUS 323 Business Communications
BUS 343 International Business
CIS 303 Foundations of Interactive Media
COM 113 Basic Speech
CRJ 103 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJ 243 Criminal Law
ECO 233 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 243 Principles of Microeconomics
EDS 203 Introduction to Learners with Exceptionalities
EDS 323 Inclusion & Collaborative Partnerships
EDU 313 Educational Psychology
EDU 343 Human Relations/Multicultural Awareness
EDU/ENG 353 Children’s Literature
EDU 373 Instructional Technologies
ENG 113 English Composition I
ENG 123 English Composition II
ENG 223 American Literature II
ENG 273 World Literature
GEO 214 Cultural Geography
HST 213 History of the United States to 1877
HST 223 History of the United States since 1877
HST 263 Western Civilization since 1648
HST 273 World Civilizations to 1450
HST 283 World Civilizations since 1450
HST 330 Colonial and Revolutionary America
MGM 313 Principles of Management
MGM 343 Human Resource Management
MGM 373 Small Business Management
MKT 323 Principles of Marketing
MTH 013 Basic Math Skills with Algebra
MTH 123 Mathematics for Educators
MTH 133 Intermediate Algebra
MTH 145 Math in the Real World
MTH 173 College Algebra
MTH 223 Elements of Statistics
MUS 203 Music Appreciation
NSC 153 General Science A
PED 223 Comprehensive School Health
PED 303 Adapted Physical Education
PED 343 Diagnostic-Prescriptive Techniques for Adapted Physical Education
PED 433 Kinesiology
PSY 113 General Psychology
PSY 143 Human Growth & Development
PSY 323 Adolescent Psychology
PSY 363 Human Diversity and Spirituality
SOC 113 Introduction to Sociology
YC 101 Introduction to Online Learning

On-Campus Students
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Off-Campus Students
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